Livemusik på Dubliner - Cousin Bill (28319)

IKVÄLL på Dubliner:
Cousin Bill

Måndag-torsdag och söndag
GRATIS inträde hela kvällen.
Fredag-lördag gratis inträde före 21.00, därefter 100kr.

Banden börjar spela kl 22.00

The DUBLINER is fully Irish owned. This has been a major factor in it's success both in presentation of Irish culture, food and hospitality.
Our restaurant offers a
variety of dishes at humane prices!
You can choose from
our a'la Carte or Pub

* Live Music Nightly

The DUBLINER has become a popular meetingpoint for a wide variety of guests who share an interest in traditional Irish Folk and Rock Music.

* Genuine Irish...

The DUBLINER Pubs have been designed by
Irish Architects who have worked on many other Irish Pubs throughout Europe. Our Pubs have given the Scandinavians an opportunity to sample and experience an Irish Pub atmosphere which is distinctive and unique compared to their own
Pub Scene.

The DUBLINER has become an establishment with a friendly and homely environment thanks to
our cheerful dedicated staff.
If you are a visitor to Sweden or Denmark, do not overlook an opportunity in visiting one of our Pubs.

Lokal/plats: The Dubliner, Smålandsgatan 8, STOCKHOLM
Datum: Lördag den 28 februari 2009

Åldersgräns: 20 år

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